Another Great Season for the

The Aerobatic Training Camps at Harold's Krier Field

Harold Krier - US Team 1966                                                                     photo from Mike Heuer

From “Sport Aerobatics”, 8 December, 1989

Words from John Morrissey

   Twenty two years ago I flew to Ashland to have lunch with Bill Shaw, then the Mayor of your fair city.  I told him of my idea to have aerobatics return to its birthplace in America and conduct yearly aerobatic training camps at Krier Field.  It was a very good meeting.  Our goals were simple - a win win relationship with Ashland and a good "farm system" for future American aerobatic champions.  And there have been more than a few who have honed their craft at Krier Field.

    This will be our 22nd year with our friends in Ashland.  Twelve pilots in three seven day camps will begin flying from Krier Field on Tuesday the 28th of April and continue through the 20th of May.  All but two are repeat visitors to that storied airport on the south edge of town.

   Mayor Kay is just as supportive and helpful as Mayor Shaw was twenty two years ago.  He, and Doug Graff, Kristi and Karen at the City offices, provide the willing and helpful infrastructure necessary for our training. Nina's Cafe and the Hardesty offer our pilots the hospitality and fine food necessary for training programs when the days are long and hard, the evenings festive and happy .  And Essie's Rolling Hills B & B and Bill and Georgeann 's Bear Creek Inn provide the essential restive accommodations and fine breakfasts for our pilots.

Please feel free to come out to the Field and see the very unique aerobatic aircraft and watch the flying.