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Staci McPhail is the sole owner of Main Street T’s. Having grown up in Ashland, Staci and her husband Tyson of 19 years, jumped at the opportunity to move back home in July of 2015. They, along with their sons Kash and Lathan, were excited to be closer to their family and the town they loved. While Tyson spent many summers growing up working for David Bouziden in Ashland, he has also worked for Bouziden Brothers out of Alva, OK for over 20 years. Tyson took over managing the former Harper Ranch for Bouziden Brothers in Sitka, and Staci continued to commute daily to Alva. We asked Staci why she decided to get into the custom printing business and she said “I had the opportunity to buy into the T-shirt shop a year after we moved here, when my mother-in-law was looking for a new partner. Together we started the Shirt Shack. After 3.5 years, I was ready to end my daily commute and make custom printing my full-time job. I had the opportunity to move the business to this amazing location on Main Street and couldn’t be happier about my choice to open up a store front in the heart of town.”

If you haven’t been by the shop, make sure to stop in and check it out! Staci has always done a great job and is always open to any ideas you may have. At Main Street T’s you can get personalized T-shirts, hats, decals, and koozies so don’t wait and give Staci a call at (620)635-0950 or email her at

Thank you Staci for bringing your business to our community and to Main Street! We wish nothing but the best for you and hope you continue to grow!

Main Street T's

tan lines


     On Friday April 26th, we had the honor of doing another ribbon cutting for Nicole Brown who opened Tan Lines By Nicole at 119 W 8th St. Nicole does spray tans at the shop, and has the mobile equipment to travel to any location as well.

   Nicole used to tan in a tanning bed until she had a scare. This inspired Nicole to start spray tanning and provide a service much safer than laying in a bed. She has been spray tanning people for 2 years now and since then she has upgraded her equipment to professional grade giving her the opportunity to grow her business. Her plans for 2020 is to take a class to become a master tanner so she can expand her services with shadowing and contouring as well. Nicole enjoys doing spray tans and is happy to provide a safer service for people who like to tan.


If you would like to book a spray tan today call Nicole at (620)635-0664

ribbon cutting

Introducing one of the new businesses in town: The Bunk House! The business is owned by Larry, Candy, & Monti Park, of Ashland, KS. On March 23, 2019, The Bunk House had an open house and the Chamber held a ribbon cutting ceremony for their grand opening! We are so excited to have them and thank them for providing another great place to stay for visitors when visiting Ashland!

“In April of 2018, Larry came home and told me (Candy) he was going to go to church more! He had bought the Assembly of God Church. Our son, Monti, was retiring from the Air Force after 20 years and needed a place to live. Larry had the idea for Monti to live in the basement of the church, which had three bedrooms (classrooms), a full kitchen, and living room. We added a utility room and full bath. We felt Ashland needed more motel rooms so we changed the ground floor into four rooms with bathrooms to rent. As of March 2019, the Bunk House was born and we are in business!!”- Larry, Candy, & Monti Park

Call (620) 635-5207 to book a room!

The Bunk House
1010 Main St
Ashland, KS 67831

New home for Ashland Chiropractic


      We had the honor of doing a ribbon cutting for the re-opening of Ashland Chiropractic. Dr. Dustin McPhail moved his office to the old Ashland Health Clinic building, which he purchased not long ago. Along with McPhail, Kelsey Rollman moved her massage therapy to the new office as well. To add to the excitement, the duo is adding another service to the office. Kayla Dewey is in the process of moving into the building as well and opening her new salon: Revive. 

Dustin graduated from Ashland Jr/Sr High School in 2003. He went on to Washburn University and pursued a degree in Sports Medicine – Bachelor of Science in 2007. After graduating from Washburn University, he enrolled at Cleveland University where he earned his Doctorate Degree in Chiropractic in 2012. After obtaining his Doctorate in Chiropractic he took an associate position in West Helena, Arkansas after being contacted from a doctor who was injured in a hunting accident and was needing a fill in doctor until he was able to start treating again. In the fall of 2012, Dustin, made the move to Arkansas where he lived in the basement of this doctor’s house; becoming almost family with his wife and 2 children. They took him in as one of their own and was taught the ins and outs of chiropractic. When his time was coming to an end in Arkansas; Lance (chiropractor) told Dustin “I am not going to tell you where to go or how to practice; but follow your heart and hang your shingle once.” Dustin’s heart lead him back to Ashland, Kansas. Dustin has never once regretted the move to Ashland; he said it was honestly the best decision of his life. He has been practicing in Ashland for almost 6 years; he met his wife here and now has 3 amazing children. He is committed to making this community better in any way, shape or form and said our community is unique and Ashland-nites strive to be better.

      Kelsey Rollman moved to Ashland with her husband and 3 beautiful children not too long after the Starbuck Fire, her and her husband had heard of Ashland through their friends who live here as well and decided to make the move. In 2012, Kelsey received her certification in Hays, KS and opened Renew by Kelsey. Kelsey is a certified massage therapist who specializes in Deep tissue, Swedish massage, and enjoys incorporating different techniques that allow each client to achieve relaxation and relief. Kelsey started working in Dustin’s office August of 2017 after her kids started school. If you would like to contact Kelsey about her services she can be reached at (785) 252-6826.

      Kayla Dewey is a new member of the community who decided to make the move to Ashland after visiting several times. Kayla’s services will include hairstyling and makeup. She wanted to make people feel beautiful, so that is why she became a hairstylist/makeup artist. Her career started as a hobby and has quickly turned into her passion. After High School, Kayla continued her education at Eric Fisher Academy and went on to work in Cheney at her cousin’s hair salon September 2017. She said what attracted her the most to Ashland was the community and the great people she has met in the past year. If you are interested in her services, give Kayla a call at (316)303-4704

Ashland Chiro Ribbon Cutting.JPG

   We welcome Stanley and Bobbi Ammann to our Community.   As of June 1, 2017, they are the new owners of Corner Campers located at 503 S Chestnut St and The Cottage located at 509 S Chestnut St. They first came to Ashland in 2016 for their granddaughter Kayla LaBelle's wedding. Ever since their visit here, they have been interested in moving to Ashland because ours is a lifestyle worth sharing! The services they provide are RV Campsites and Cottage Rentals. The Cottage has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, but there are also two sleeper sofas in the living room and is very accommodating. If you would like to RSVP your spot at Corner Campers or at The Cottage call Bobbi at (620)682-0999 or by emailing her at They also have a facebook and its under Corner Campers if you would like to check it out! Thank you Stanley and Bobbi for not only becoming a member of our community, but also a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

Corner Campers
Corner Campers

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The Cottage
The Cottage

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Corner Campers
Corner Campers

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Rolling Hills Bed ’n Breakfast is one of our Ashland Area Associate members owned by Essie Waits. Its location is 204 E. 4th Ave and it has been operating since October 1994. Rolling Hills Bed ‘n Breakfast provides a friendly, smoke free down home atmosphere with 3 available rooms in a 1908 two story home. The rooms are clean and very comfortable with TV’s, cable, and wireless internet. Refrigerator space and microwave are also available. The highlight of Rolling Hills is a formal sit down gourmet breakfast of your choice. Essie is always sure to cater to the special dietary needs of her guests when requested. Breakfast time is determined by customer choice. Checking in and out is made by arrangement to “fit” customer needs. If you would like more details about Rolling Hills Bed ‘n Breakfast contact Essie at (620) 635-4378.


    D&B Pharmacy is one of our Ashland Area Advancers. Debbie Isenbart, the owner, took over Milligan Pharmacy from Mr. & Mrs. Milligan in January 2000 and has been operating since then. D&B Pharmacy currently has 6 employees. The Pharmacy not only provides prescriptions, but also gifts, a picture maker, drinks, and more. If you would like to visit D&B Pharmacy it is located at 721 Main St. If you would like more details about D&B Pharmacy call (620) 635-2322.


   Jennifer Gillum opened up the Ashland Community Daycare in July 2016. She started Protection Pals in May of 2011 where she received her license from the State of Kansas. When the opportunity came, she decided to transfer her license & move her Business to Ashland. 

  Ashland Daycare is located at 605 S Main St and is open Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Ages range from 6 weeks old to 5 years. During the summer, occasional drop-offs are accepted.

  If you would like further information about any available spots call Jennifer at (620)635-0434.


Stockgrowers State Bank is one of our Ashland Area Ambassadors! When Stockgrowers was established in 1885 it was known as the Clark County Bank. In 1889, the name was changed to the Farmers and Stockgrowers Bank of Ashland. In 1900, the bank chartered as Stockgrowers National Bank and then in 1933, the National Charter was relinquished and reorganized under the State Charter, thus bearing their current name today as The Stockgrowers State Bank of Ashland, KS. In 1995 Stockgrowers established its first branch: Meade State Bank, in Meade, KS. They currently have 14 employees in Ashland and 11 employees at the Meade Branch.

They specialize in 1st rate customer service. Stockgrowers State Bank also offers a full range of banking products & extend financial options for your personal, small business, commercial and real estate needs, and specializes in the agriculture industry. You can trust Stockgrowers State Bank to keep your best interests in mind and will work with you to tailor a solution that works best for you.

If you would like more information on Stockgrowers State Bank visit their website or contact them at: (620) 635-4032.

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Pilgrimage Woodworking is one of our Ashland Area Associates. Pilgrimage Woodworking has been operating for 34 years and still going strong. It is owned by Michael McCown and he has one employee, Andrew McCown. Through the years, they have provided different services such as remodeling, home repair, and woodworking. The business’s main focus now is making wooden learning materials for Godly Play Foundation.

If you would like more information on Pilgrimage Woodworking contact Mike McCown at (620) 635-0422.