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           Many of you already know that the chamber does a lot to promote local businesses and Ashland alike.  There are some that don’t.  We want to be open and honest. We want suggestions on how we can help you, your business, and Ashland.  Many of our ideas are still in the “planning stage” but we would like everyone to know what we do on a regular schedule. 

           A couple of years ago, the chamber began doing Quarterly Educational Meetings.  Our goal of each meeting is to get other chamber members together to collaborate and trade ideas on what works in Ashland compared to what doesn’t.  We ask guest speakers to come in and be the “expert” on various subjects like Credit Card Changes, Leadership Skills, Social Growth, and Economic Growth.  Quarterly Meetings are open to all members and offers a night of good food, good ideas, and good community. 

            July 4th is filled with the community doing various events.  The Chamber is no exception.  Along with hosting the Annual Ice Cream Social, the chamber works very hard throughout the first of the year to raise money for the town Fireworks Display at the baseball fields.  A few of years ago, the Chamber took over the fundraising and hired a company out of Inman, Kansas to do the firework show.  Over these years, this next year included, we have set a goal of $8500.00 and, thanks to our generous sponsors, have met this every year.   

           The Chamber also puts on the Annual Chamber Member Meeting.  During this meeting two exceptional people are recognized for the “business person of the year” award and the “legacy” award.  This meeting of members and their families, is host to great food and entertainment.  The Annual Meeting also allows for an open forum discussing the chamber finances, past yearly events, and new ideas.    

          For many years, the Chamber Events Committee has been in charge of the Annual Spook Parade on Halloween night.  Over the last couple years we have added goody bags, light sticks, hotdogs and chips.  Our goal is to make Ashland safe during “trick or treating” and give the children of the community something to eat other than just candy for supper.  The Annual Spook Parade offers a night of fun for the community, all without cost to the kids or their parents.  

          The hard work of Chamber Events Committee also brings The Annual Window Unveiling that has been a tradition for as long as anyone can remember.  Local businesses stay open offering special discounts and goodies to their patrons that walk into their business.  The community center is turned into a center hub, hosting about 20 craft tables.  Children of all ages wait in line in hopes that Santa Claus makes a special appearance.   Pictures with Santa are taken by the events committee and are given to the parents without charge.