Saturday July 22nd 2017

Rules at a Glance...

Please read through all Rules and Guidelines before Entering the Contest

  • Entry fee is $100 per team. Entry fee after Noon on July 14th is $125, if space or meats are still available.

  • No more than Chief Cook + 4 Team Members.

  • Check in & Inspection 4-8pm on Friday, July 21st in front of the Ashland Community Center  (8th & Main)

  • Team choice of 2 of these 3 meats to be entered(must cook all 3): Pork Shoulder/Butt, Beef Brisket, or Pork Ribs

  • Teams are REQUIRED let our servers serve the public while you converse with the public.  You may sell rubs, sauces and  merchandise at this time.

  • Please Read & Adhere to the RDC Rules. Failure to comply with the RDC rules may be grounds for disqualification or receive a score of 0.

  • Score Cards will be available after winners are announced.

2014 Celebrity BBQ Judge

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