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The Ashland Community Foundation gives citizens the opportunity to make a lasting gift to the community which has been good to them. The foundation receives and manages capital of all amounts from individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. The income from this capital is applied to uses that serve the best interests of the community.
Designated as a 501(C)3 under the Internal Revenue Code, the Ashland Community Foundation provides valuable tax advantages.

Contact Information:

Board Members:
Bill Shaw, Jan Endicott, Larry Konrade, , Marie Smyth, Amanda Luckie, Joe Fast, Lonnie Sarver, Jenny Betschart, Millard Fox, and Susan Walker

Ashland Community Foundation Website


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 ASHLAND 2020, INC. 

Contact Information:

Jan Endicott
PO Box 976
Ashland, KS 67831

Board Members:
President: Jan Endicott
Vice President: Kelly McCarty
Treasurer: Kim Hazen
Secretary: Kendal Kay
Nicole Brown
Millard Fox

Committee Heads:
Housing:  Millard Fox
Economic Development: Kendal Kay & Kelly McCarty
Pride: Nicole Brown
Youth: Jan Endicott & Haley Walker



Contact Information:

PO Box 37
Ashland, KS 67831 
President: Holly Fast
Vice President: Ryan Kuhns

Michael Schatz-402-297-0943

Gracie Borgelt

Kelly Peralta

Kaileigh Stebens

Cole Gardiner

Ransom Gardiner

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